New series: Packing for.....A long holiday.

Hello, so it is now the summer holidays for me so im starting a new series about packing for different holidays. I will write about trying tk lack light for diiferent types of holidays. I will write about a long two weeks holiday in a cooler climate, a shorter one week holiday in the heat and a long weekend where size matters. I will probably be doing a post about taking makeup and other little bits and bobs, so I hope that if you are going abroad or staying in your country you can find this relatable and helpful.
Tomorrow I'm going to Ireland with my family for two weeks which I'm really excited about even though I go there every year to visit my family. One thing you need to know about Ireland is that the four season are constantly happening. One day it is lovely sunshine and another its pouring rain. A real nightmare sometimes.
Try to put outfits together before you start packing which will really help you see what you are going to wear.
I'm sorry but since I will be in Ireland for the next two weeks I doubt there won't be any posts for the        next two weekends because of the lack of Internet.
I picked a really small suit case, so I couldn't over pack like usual. here is a list of what I have packed.

One raincoat
One leather jacket
A grey jumper
A pair of black jeans
A pair of blue jeans
A denim skirt.
A grey skirt

One striped short sleeve top
One striped long sleeve top
A grey top
A white top
A grey t-shirt.
A blue shirt.

 One swimming costume
One bikini
One wetsuit.
Undies and socks
Black tights.

Black boots
White plimsoles
Walking boots.
Do you have any packing tips?
Hope you're having a good weekend and see you in a couple of weeks. 

Do I really need to wear makeup today?

Hello, hope you're having a nice day. It's raining at the moment where I am. I had a bit of a quiet day with my niece in the park.
As a teenage I am spot prone so I do like wearing some makeup to cover up a bit. I shouldn't feel like I have to cover my skin but it does give me self confidence. On home days I don't wear make up but when I want to wear a bit I like to use these products.

The maybelline bb cream.
I was very skeptical when I bought this because I didn't know if it could live up to all its promises. I was amazed. It actually has, I love using this instead of using a full face of foundation, it's great in all weather and situations.
Well Vaseline is vaseline. It does wonders for dry lips but I'm sure you know that.
Rimmel stay blushed.
I don't usuall wear a lot of blusher because my cheeks are naturally quite pink, but this product is so natural. It blends perfectly into a bear face or makeuped ( probably not a word) face.
I can't see the brand of my eyeliner anymore as it has rubbed off, because I bought it in tenerife. This is one of the best eyeliners I have ever used because it doesn't vacate down safe during the day and the nib is very accurate.
I've done a review on this mascara here.
What makeup products do you swear by? Bye bye.


Piparivahtiperhonen Regular  

Happy birthday to me!!

Hello, it's my birthday. Yay. I'm mentally a 6 year old when it comes to birthdays; I'm soooo excited. This is only going to be a short post. I wore a huge badge with 16 on so everyone knew it was my birthday, because I love attention on my birthday.

Well I'm turning a pretty average age, nothing really life changing but I love it anyway. My friends and family are fantastically perfect, they got my really thoughtful presents that are very suited to me. Chocolate. I'm so happy. I love chocolate so much! I just wanted to say how grateful I am to have friends like that. 


I've had a lovely day (minus the morning maths exam) I went to a local fun farm with my little niece which basically meant I could really immature. I've just been to my favorite restaurant  which is pizza express with some of my family. The day has been perfect and especially with the sunny weather. I'm currently tucking into home made birthday cak. Yum yum.
 What do you like doing on your birthday? Are you an attention seeker like I am on the day? :)
 Bye bye.