Do I really need to wear makeup today?

Hello, hope you're having a nice day. It's raining at the moment where I am. I had a bit of a quiet day with my niece in the park.
As a teenage I am spot prone so I do like wearing some makeup to cover up a bit. I shouldn't feel like I have to cover my skin but it does give me self confidence. On home days I don't wear make up but when I want to wear a bit I like to use these products.

The maybelline bb cream.
I was very skeptical when I bought this because I didn't know if it could live up to all its promises. I was amazed. It actually has, I love using this instead of using a full face of foundation, it's great in all weather and situations.
Well Vaseline is vaseline. It does wonders for dry lips but I'm sure you know that.
Rimmel stay blushed.
I don't usuall wear a lot of blusher because my cheeks are naturally quite pink, but this product is so natural. It blends perfectly into a bear face or makeuped ( probably not a word) face.
I can't see the brand of my eyeliner anymore as it has rubbed off, because I bought it in tenerife. This is one of the best eyeliners I have ever used because it doesn't vacate down safe during the day and the nib is very accurate.
I've done a review on this mascara here.
What makeup products do you swear by? Bye bye.


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