Prairie Pizzazz!!!

Well hello there! This is going to be the last summery post for a while the weather in England is changing. (Winter is coming...Little reference for you. ) I was contacted by Prairie Charms and then did a little dance around my room since they are amazing in every way. I love handmade things since I'm not always capable myself, so when I saw their website it really put a smile on my face.

Many bloggers were contacted and we all had to make a Pinterest board for inspiration with the theme of LUAU PARTY! Mine is here. Once they looked at them all they spent many hours creating the boxes specially for us. They really looked at every detail like our hair colour to match us up to the perfect Floral Lei. I can not speak highly enough of the people who spent so much time and effort to put a smile on our faces.

I've made the most of the last summer sun and sat out in the garden to carry on reading the book I'm on which is currently 'The Great Gatsby'. This was the perfect opportunity to play with my new beauties!
(Some of these items are not exacts, but are all from Prairie Charms.)

I received,
Sweet as honey studio contributed to the box.
Everything from the packaging to the actual products are beautiful. Please go and have a little peak at their website. xx


I'll be doing a post with the links to some of the curators soon.
Have a fabulous day.

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Everyday sixth form makeup.

Hello, I've finished my first week of sixth form! My school doesn't really allow makeup, so I have to keep it simple. I'm not dependent on makeup go make me happy, but it can give me a boost of conifedence on a cold rainy school morning. 

Since going on holiday I've had to use a darker shade of foundation so I don't have a ghostly face compared to my body. I'm using the Rimmel wake me up foundation which has been raved about for years and years. I can totally see why, my skin can get spotty so the coverage this gives is great because it's not cakes if you know what I mean. I put some concealer on to hide any blemishes and my fAce is almost done. I do a quick powder with the bronzer, blusher and normal powder making sure it is a very light brush over

I really like my eyebrows (it's a weird thing to like I know) I don't pluck them and they stay put. I fill them in and I'm done. I've been told over and over not to over pluck so I'm being a good girl and staying clear of the tweezers. 

I curl my eyelashes and add mascara making sure it's nothing too dramatic. I try to keep the eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible so it looks subtle. I finish of with Vaseline and a lip crayon. And I'm good to go.

Most the products and where to find them are here.

I've done a review on the mascara here

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Suede skirt.

Hello, after my previous post that went on forever I thought I should go back to a fashion type post. I have just been to France on a long weekend where it was very hot. (Got up to 39 degrees at one point. That was too hot) I am starting sixth form in a couple of days, so I've been buying s few pieces that will take me into autumn. 

A bought this suede skirt from New Look for £14.99 here. I went for a wonder with my sister and niece which was a perfect opportunity for photos. This outfit is defiantly going to be a good one for sixthform as I can make it warmer with more layers and just keep it like that for warm days. In my sixth you don't have to wear business dress which is good, because you can be more independent with your style. (Within limits) The shirt is from Primark and has been on this blog a few times before. the burgundy shoes are also from Primark.

I'm sorry that the posts have been infrequent to say the least. They will defiantly be on every Saturday from now on since I am no longer on holiday.
Have a great week.

Photos were not taken by me. 
Taken by m talented sister. 
Her Flickr is here.

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