Yellow sunshine in the cold.

This is just a little post at the moment because I'm on holiday but I will probably add to it at some point. Since being on holiday and having busy summer days I have been loving this simple midi body con dress. I really wasn't sure if it was for me because I have pretty wide hips  which is normal for a lot of girls but horizontal tight stripes could be terrible for me. I bought it anyway. I love slipping it on and being on way for the day.
But becauseven I live in England., I need a good raincoat. I got this one as a birthday present (that I asked for) from because I love yellow! I love standing out with this funky coat. Especially in the rain. The only problem is that it's not very warm so you've got to layer up underneath er but because of the cut it allows roomg for a good chunky knit. 

What are your favourite kinds of coats at this time of the year?

Dress/ Shoes are Primark / Coat.

The Stripey Midi dress #ZafulBlogSeries

Okay! Seriously! I have never had so many compliments before I wore this sun dress. Of course I liked it,  otherwise I wouldn't have it, but loads of people seem to think it's great! I had a stranger tell me it looked lovely. When does that happen in this day and age?! Needless to say I am going to wear this a lot. 
Once again I am carrying on my blog series with the fantastic website; .Zaful. I have been so lucky to work with this carried and exquisite brand.
This bold midi dress is one of many on their website, but this particular one caught my eye as the dark colours are highlighted by the light so the bold stripes really come through. I love to wear darker colours because I think they suit me more, but dark clothing in the summer can be a little odd next to the pinks and light blues. So the white makes it a lot more summery and exsentuates the beautiful anday flattering shape.  This perfect for those summer garden parties and or you're trying to get in the spirit of Wimbledon as you need to be cool with this thing fabric is great for and there is not always a need to show your legs or chest. This provides a very classy option. 
I hope you have heardone if Zaful because some major instagrammers have been raving about their swim suits and YouTuber Patricia Bright has done a fantail review. You really need to check their website out!

A pop of red #Zafulblogseries

Wow, I love this perfect  summer dress. I had been waiting for it in the post very eagerly from when I ordered it off a blog favourite which is Zaful! 

I will be completely honest with you, when I first tried this on I went 'Oh', as the dress is not only low cut, but the whole chest area is a little wide. I would usually put a few stitches in and no one would be any the wiser, however this is a wrap dress which is one of my favourite qualities, because it wraps perfectly around YOUR body shape. the first day I wore this I used the good old safety pins to keep my modesty, but this still didn't work because I am not exactly flat in the chest area. If smaller breasts then a pin might work fine but I had a few pop moments! I can't decide whether it was funny or not. 

The second time I wore this beautiful bright Zaful dress I tried a vest top even though I felt like a little girl putting my vest on. Luckly, I loved how this sneaky bit of lace complimented the colourful dress and it was a lot more relaxing knowing that I wasn't going to fall out at any moment. 
I know it sounds boringly practical , but on our summer days that aren't too hot then an extra thin layer is rather enjoyable! 

I'm now going to be looking for more wrap dresses on Zaful, because it compliments my body in all the best ways. its comes in on my actual waist and it doesn't hang around it like some normal dresses and it floats over everything else which is great in summer!

Merci Moman. Forever pretty.

Something my sister and I say is; that if its good enough for Duchess of Cambridge then it is good enough for us. This seems very random, but it is in relation to one of our favourite brands, Merci Maman. Our taste can vary sometimes, but we completely agree about the huge brand that came from a lovely lady's kitchen table which is amazing when you think about it!

I was so lucky on my 18th birthday to receive a personalised necklace from my wonderful sister from the brand that we both love. I love that it is a great English brand but it has a huge nod to the classic french style which I am all about, like I said on my Instagram. On one side of my necklace is my name which was a big deal for me because with having an extremely unusual name, so I have never found something with it on. My sister has always appreciated my want of things with my name on so I was more 'normal' and I know that is silly, but its fun. On the back of the shiny heart is one of my nicknames; Bridgie which I have been called all my lift as its a little less formal than Brigid. 

However, one of my favourite things I the tiny little circle with a 'C' inside to always remind me of my sister as her name begins with C. Something silly I have loved for years is that since she got married her initials are CC and mine or BB. Mmmmmm, its so pretty! 
Do you have special jewellery?

Yellow Crochet Bikini? #zafulblogseries

It's basically summer now so that means for the lucky ones of us summer holidays! If you're feeling comfortable enough then that means bikinis. Maybe a really fashionable colour block costume or maybe even a crazy yellow crochet bikini?! 
I wanted to share some really fun swimming costumes and bikinis that you might be interested in. I was inspired by the Zaful website and I have made a little wishlist which contains a range of different beachwear like the classic and simple black swimming costume that every woman should feel fabulous in because I know you will look stunning. 

Or if you want something cute and playful then I think this bright pretty blue bikini is perfect. And as for this amazing yellow crochet bikini it really is something else. I kind of love it though because you have to have guts to wear this even in your own garden, but who cares? Where what you like, as long you're happy and comfortable, so I think Zaful is a great place to shop for good quality and comfy clothes. I've worn clothes from Zaful again and again, so I do know it to be true. 

There is some news I would love to share with you all which is why I have published an usual midweek post.
One of the biggest online fashion store “Zaful” is now celebrating their 3rd anniversary. 
I've checked out the details about this anniversary blog giveaway. To be honest it's pretty awesome. The link to their blog is here:

Who doesn’t love giveaways? Go to their blog and take a look. I would be very happy if you tag my name @_overthebridge_ on twitter or  @brigid_bartlett on Instagram after participating in the giveaway event. Zaful will choose a couple of winners after the event and give out huge rewards! The more tags you do, the more rewards you will receive which I think is fantastic. 

#Zafulblogseries Ultimate Summer Dress.

On to my next Zaful post! I can finally show you one of Zaful's outfits in all the summer glory that we have experienced in England recently. I haven't done a proper full fashion post in ages, so I really enjoyed doing this, especially because I can gush about this gorgeous dress!

This is one of the lovely yellow mini dresses that you can find on the Zaful website. A new colour that I've been giving a lot of thought to is yellow. I never liked yellow, I had a horrible yellow bedroom as I didn't appreciate my parents not enforcing gender stereotypes on me at the age of 5. But,  from fizzy sherbet to mustard to pastel lemon, yellow has been all over the run way and has come down to the high street and online shops showing that yellow can be worn! Who would have thought it? Maybe yellow might be a bit too much for you, so the floral pattern makes this so so summery and pretty and I had to wear it walking around these gorgeous gardens near by. I felt like I fitted in with the flowers.
And lets not forget these beautiful Zaful sunglasses. I have a guilty secret and that is that I always break sunglasses, but not these. My favourite thing is that my niece can not stop looking at them because she can see herself in them which is so funny to watch. 

It really backs up what I have said about Zaful clothing because it really is affordable fashion that redefines trends and the exceptional quality is for everyone!  

*This post is in collaboration with Zaful, but the thoughts expressed are my own.

A Girly Pink Lace Dress

To carry on the my Zaful blog series, I am writing about something I'm looking for at the moment and that is a lacy pink dress. If you haven't heard of Zaful then go and read my last post here. Hopefully that will set the scene for why I am writing about this one-stop shop for fashion's most exciting and edgy apparel. Last week I spoke a really casual piece of clothing which is the denim jacket, because I think everyone owns some Denim. 

But its time to show the variety on Zaful, so I have a couple of more formal events coming up in the next years so I really need to get my act together and do some proper shopping. And like I said, Zaful is my one stop shop for this season and next season, and this season i have seen the rise in pink! We have moved on from the pink our mothers' put us in as children and the ealry 2000 hot barbie pink which I think we should forget to be honest. We seem to have found a beautiful classic baby pink which I think could suit everyone. Lace will always be fashionable so the you should definitly check all these out!

Busy Life. Day to Night.

Wow! We all have busy lives, I don't know about you, but I never feel like life is slowing down and my 'list' of things to do is never getting smaller. And it has gotten to the point that my day is full, so I have to be able to go from day to night. I think we have all had a busy day and instead of going home and watching TV in pyjamas, we carry on our day into night! Whether it is a girls night or a lovely date, sometimes we need to transform our selves quickly and thoroughly!

If you would like to look effortlessly stylish and gorgeous then you could go for the classic Parisian style. Obviously, this isn't for everyone as we all have our own style and own way to express ourselves, however if in doubt, go classic! You can not go wrong! I think this picture sums up my thoughts very well even though I did not put it together. A good pair of jeans will make you look great (Especially your bum)  Good bum, good day some would say. I have talked about my trench coat previously on and I know that you can wear this morning, day or night and look great, but it so practical!

It gets to the end of the working day and you need to get ready for that evening do or maybe that all nighter, but you haven't got long, because there are a million other things that need doing. It might sound familiar. No need to worry! That outfit that you've been wearing for a while will serve you well! Time to get your heels on and take it to the next level. The picture below is an image i found on Pinterest and my word, those are some heels. Shoes like that are sexy, but not slutty, for want of a better word, so instantly you have gone from day to night, Maybe some red lipstick and some more perfume and voila, you look fabulous and classic. And my favourite part of the outfit is that I can be comfortable!

My favourite part of an outfit is accessories, because it really brings everything together, so I think its acceptable to spend a little bit more money on something special and something that you will wear everyday. I recently discovered a beautiful website called Au Rate, that sells quality jewellery like earrings which is solid gold. But something that is important to me, is that it is ethically sourced unlike so many companies. The necklace below is something that caught my eye as it would be perfect in my day to night outfit. 

How do you go from day to night? 

The perfect Denim Jacket, Dress and Jeans!

Please let me introduce to one of my favourite websites; Zaful.  Lets get straight into something we can all relate too! And that is denim. Denim jackets, Denim dresses and Jeans!

I loved the idea of writing about something that both men and women own and love, because I think that Zaful is a website for everyone, whether you like the basics or the bizarre. Zaful is your one-stop shop for fashion's most exciting and edgy apparel. The afforadable collections of clothing can meet and exceed your visions for this season and next season's trends while always maintaining an exceptional quality of design and the actual making of the pieces is fatastic, so you can always rely on your Zaful products. The whole website for Zaful is inspired by fashion forward and modern women, because it is not just about clothing, but also about collecting points so you can feel like a valid member of the community and it is about bringing your friends into the scene, so the fun never ends with Zaful fashion. 
 Denim has been and I think, always will be extremely popular. Trends from different come in and out but denim reamains a constant with slight changes. Changes like ripped jeans or flares everywhere in sight. You can have top denim or bottom denim or just head to toe if youre brave like Justin and Brittany. 

To find some great fashion pieces that are denim then I would go to ZafulDenim jackets are timeless, but are also getting really unique, beacause you can personalise them any way you want and it can be one of the most comfortable and versatile items that one can wear.
Below are some of my favourites from Zaful which have their own signature look and all that can be worn with many different outfits.
The first jacket below is my all time favourite style, because it is light and the best thing to wear in summer, because you will not over heat, but when you're going into the evevings, having denim over your arms can make you feel a lot better. The worn look is also a great nod to the 1980s, so you don't have to look to put together on those long summer days. 

The middle jacket is also another great example of a jacket everyone should own, but for the Winter and Autumn (Fall in you're American) months. The lambs wool that lines the jacket is perfect keeping you toasty while the denim will look really cool with the dark Winter Colours. 

The last Denim jacket from Zaful is the bizarre I metioned earlier in the post, because WOW! It's pretty out there and I understand that it isn't for everyone, but sometimes you need to get a statement piece to finish your wardrobe. 

In my head I put together an outfit which will go so many denim outfits, but it does follow my love for the Parisian style so it is classic ad simple. On Zaful, you will find everything you want, so to go with a great denim jacket, I would add a vintage white shirt. You can not go wrong that! Trust me. 
With this look, I would add some really classic flats which are really popular at the moment, especially with the designers like Dior.
 This is just one way I would style a denim jacket, but you could also wear a high neck black top, skirt and Doc Martins for a 90s look, but the possibilities are endless. 
I hope you have enjoyed my first Zaful blog post in my series, so you can share the love. 
You really should check them out and all the quirks on their website!

Follow Zaful's social media to keep up to date!

Simple Spring Look.

Quick summery before we start; I very busy at the meomet with school, so I'm afraid that you shouldnt expect a post every week and i know its been like this for a while, but I'm finally excepting that I can't do everything, but in a few months I will be back to my weekly schedlue. 

Anyway. Spring is in full force which means warm days, cold days and very very rainy days, so you have to be prepared for anything. I put together my go early spring outfit, which I think encorporates everything you need to get through an English spring day. First of all, if I want to look cassic, but simple then I will always go for my black jeans. These are some mid-rise jeans from New Look, so hopefully they will last a long time and they fit really nicely aroud my larger legs which many women can relate too. 
As it is spring time, I think you should try to lighten up your wardrobe and this season I have been liking pink which is unusual since I'm not a typical 'girly girl', but the classic stripes and little bits of black tie in with my black jeans and shoes. I really wanted to show the fun colours in the thin spring jumper which is good in the sinshine, but not cold in the annoying wind. 

And of course a classic spring look could be without a lovely trench coat. You can wrap up warm with a scraf or let it flow around you in the sunshine. One of my favourite things is to tie the bet around my waist so I can get that hour glass figure most of us would like. And paid with some shiny loafers that I have had for years, I think this outfit comes toegther nicely and I wanted to share it with you. I have left links to the items at the bottom.

What do you like to wear in Spring weather?

Jumper is from Primark.

Benefit High Beam Review.

Wow, its been ages since I've done a makeup review. Makeup reviews are some of my favourite posts to read because I like to be informed before I buy a product, especially if it High end. (With a high end price) Unfortunately I don't have the money to get anything I take a fancy too otherwise my hoarder gene would come out in full force.

I have been meaning to do this review because I have had this highlighter for months, but that does mean I can paint a well informed image of the Benefit Product. If you have read my other reviews, you will know that Benefit is my favourite High end brand and this 'High Beam' highlighter has confirmed my love. However I admit I donnot have that much experience with highlighters like I do with other products. In my opinion I have a fair knowledge about concealers and mascaras, but I have used highlighters a lot less. I tried a powder highlighter which I did not like because y face looked so cakey even with the smallest amount, but as High Beam is in a liquid form you can dab some on your finger tips and gently smooth it over the high points of your face.

So here are the details. In the Uk it costs £19.50 which is I think is reasonable as a High end product, but obviously not everyone has that money to spend on just a highlighter.

As you can see it definitely has a pink undertone, but that does not show up on the skin which made me happy because I can't stand face products with pink undertones as I have an olive undertone even when I'm pale. So, I would say this product is not for the pinky pale people of the world, but for everyone.
Something that people may not like is the bottle, Its pretty but it is in the shape of a nail polish so you have to use the nail polish like brush to put the product either in you hand to dab with you fingers, brush and beauty blender or you can put it straight on the your brush or beauty blender. The blendability (Yes, I know its not a word) is not the best but it is workable.

So this is what I think of the great Hugh Beam Highlighter.
Are there any products that you particularlylike at the moment? 

Buns for days.

Last Sempember I cut my hair short, like really short. I won't go into my whole hair history today because I'll save that for another post, but last summer holidays I cut my hair (Yes, I did it myself), so it was around my collar bones or just under. however a few weeks to a month later I decided that I wanted really short hair. I made this decision in a really counterintuitive way, because for some reason I'd like to university with long hair like I used to have, last year or a few years ago. (I really do like to change the length) In my silly head this meant that I should cut it as short as I could personally go, because I knew something like a pixie cut would look dreadful on me, so I cut about 4 inches of my hair to make it just about shoulder length so I could feel what its like to have short hair before I started to grow it out again. 
Yes, that was a long winded explanation, but heres how we ended up at this post. My hair is about an inch and a half below my collar bones now whuch also means I can start to do interesteing things again. Before I could only manage a pony tail or bun as long as I pinned the straggly bits. 

Now I can make a short plait or other various normal styles,but I style I'd never really thought of is have two buns. I started to do this style when my hair was damp, so that my hair would be wavy the next day and I'd never considered wearing it out because it either makes me think of Princess Leia or a child. However, when I style it slightly different, I really it!

I split my hair into two sections and make a pny tail with one to keep it out the way. i then back combed a tiny but to make more volomeous, but you skip this if you don't have fine hair like me. I collect the hair at the top back part of my head so the bum won't be bang on the side. I twirl the hair around my fingers and circle it round itself until I can put a bobble around it and maybe a pin or two. (The aount of pins will depend on how much hair you have). Making a simple bun will take pratice to get it just how you want and I had a head start by doing ballet 12 years where were required to always have a bun. After doing the first bun go aead and repeat and the side you put in a pony tail. At the end of this I usually pull a few peices of hair out which a call whispy bits to sofen the face, because i want it to be a relaxed and cute style. 
And there we go, you've got a really quick and eat hair style that will last all day, but its a little different from the usual pony tail. 

What hair styles do you to usually?

What's in my bag?!

This is a post that ive never done before and I couldn't understand why. For one it's a classic post that I've seen bloggers and youtubers do and another reason I can't belive I haven't done it, is that I love seeing what people have in their bags! I'm so nosy when it comes to these things because people can keep the most random items in their handbags. 

I've layed out all the items I had in the bag I'm using currently with the exceptions of some random old pieces of chewing gum (obviously not chewed. Ew) that I thought would ruin the image slightly. I have the usual things like my purse which is from new Look. I love it because it fits everything in. (I mean receipts and not money because I'm pretty poor) Phone and ear phones are standard as well. 

I'm really not sure why I always have sunglasses with me when I live in England but I'm ever the optimists. Something you might not know about me is that I love reading and it's my favourite hobby. However I find it hard to find the time to really enjoy a good book so I always carry one with me on case the opportunity arises. At the moment I'm reading 'We need to talk about Kevin' which is written my the mother of a boy named Kevin who committed a school shoot up in America. To avoid making this into a book review, it is an interesting book to because of the way it's written and that you get to see a different side of a well known news story. 

Who else is a compulsive list maker? Because I definitly am. My anxiety means that I obviously worry a lot but knowing that I have written everything down really calms me so I keep my trusty Flamingo note book that is full of scribbles and lists.

Finally, a makeup bag in a women's handbag is not unusual but I try hard not to pack everything. Instead I keep the necessities like concealer and eye lash curlers which may not be a necessity to someone else but my eye lashes are short and straight which I don't like. At the bottom of my bag I found a couple of hair pins and hair bobbles left over from God knows when. Another thing I feel unable to leave the house without is my hand sanitizer which is a gorgeous smelling one from The Body Shop. (At the moment its satsuma) all with that smelly thing I have a miny of one of my favourite perfumes which is from Dior so we donto have any bad scents while out and about. 

Over all I'm pretty impressed with the lack or hoarding I have even if I did take a sweet wrapper out as well. I hope you've enjoyed having a nosy in my bagarden.  What do you always keep I  your bag no matter what? 


January, January, January. What shall I wear? The sparkle of Christmas is over, its colder than ever and I'm just uninspired. So I can back to the classics. I think black and white stripes are chic and classic because they always make me think of that perfect Parisian chic look that really should be worn more often. To get the Parisian look you have to relish in the basics like a white shirt, some black jeans and a Berburry like Trench coat. These things are the ultimate clothing goals to me.
Another thing I think you should add to that list is the black and white striped top because how can it look bad? How?
In this outfit I have paired this top with a denim skirt that I truly love. It is comfy and simple so I can throw it on anytime. Perfect.
How are you finding fashion in January?