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Benefit Pinks for Spring.

I feel like Benefit has been every where recently! They went above and beyond when bringing out their new mascara; Bad Gal Bang. Like flying Youtubers out to the Maldives above and beyond. I loved how hyped they got about a mascara, because I feel like a brand that puts so much effort into just one product must be worth buying. I have loved Benefit for so long and I always end up going back to them because when buying high end makeup I want to know its worth my money. I have never been disappointed by any products and its nice to feel like a brand actually cares about the customer. Who else agrees? 

Today I will talking about this adorable benefit set which I think is perfect for spring. I love wearing pinky colours in spring to compliment the season. They always makes me think of flowers and warmth and it really contrasts with the dark and autumnal colours from the colder seasons. I'm really looking forward to introducing lighter colours into my new Capsule Wardrobe and experimenting with them. You can read about my little trial here.  But focusing more on makeup now...

First of all I love this mini Roller Lash Mascara because its going to be so useful for when I go on holiday later on in the year. I can stick it in any handbag while having my big one in my makeup bag. I love what it does for my lashes and I tend to wear it as an everyday mascara rather than a going out one. I won't go into it too much because I have already written a full post on it here if you want to know more about it. 

The next little joy is the Dandelion Dew which is probably my favourite apart from the classic Roller Lash Mascara. I was initially  a little weary of the bright pink dew as I don't tend to wear blush because I have naturally very pink cheeks, so I try to avoid the clown look. However, because it is liquid you can blend it perfectly for a subtle pink dewy which is my cup of tea as I wear dewy makeup all year round to avoid my naturally dry skin. 

The Posie tint makes me so happy because you can use it for both your lips and cheeks. What a perfect little item to have in your handbag. Just imagine when you're half way through the day and you feel meh, but then you can get your Posie tint out your bag and be renewed for the day. A quick brush of the tint with your fingers onto your cheeks and lips and you will glow! This pink is definitely a bright summer shade as there is nothing dull about it. 

The final part of the set is a good old blusher. I love it, but I'll be honest I don't wear it as a blush because it is too pink for my cheeks, however I wear it as an eye-shadow. I actually have it on now as I write this. I use a fluffy brush to apply it on my lids and blend and that's it. Its great for my simple makeup look that applies no thought what so ever and basically wear it nearly everyday. All these products are effortless and light weight on the skin which sounds like Spring makeup to me 
What is your spring colour? 

Valentines day to me.

Valentines day means different to things to different people. For some its a normal day, for some its 'galentines' and a chance to celebrate friendship and for a few its a chance to show a romantic side. I do think Valentine's Day is a little too commercial and is trying to sell the idea of romance, but I also think it is a positive day that we can all enjoy. 

  Valentine's Day for me this year is a little different, because my boyfriend and I are currently in a long distance relationship while we're at uni unlike last year where we had the typical cute date. So Valentine's Day will consists of Face-timing as usual and receiving our cards through the post. Some of my friends feel bad for me and have offered to do something with me which is sweet, but when you miss someone everyday a particular holiday doesn't make you feel better or worse. Long distance isn't for everyone, but we have made it work for us, so if you think that person is worth waiting for then do it! We don't let other people's thoughts get in the way. I've actually had people say to me that long distance doesn't work which wasn't particularly helpful, however that person doesn't know anything about our happy relationship. We're both aware of what people think, but being able to show everyone that we can do it is romantic to me. 

My view of romance has changed over the years as I've grown up. I've gone from being enthralled by the Disney world full of damsels in distress and handsome princes as my parents were divorced this was the image of relationships that I was regularly presented with. This lead onto
 to young adult fiction, as a young teenager, full of silly dramatic love that continues to paint an unrealistic concept of romance. Some of these relationships are borderline unhealthy (and they usually involve vampires....). None of this helps you prepare for the real world of romance. I was unprepared and thoroughly let down in all ways by a few nasty boys when I did go into the real world of 'dating' or whatever you would like to call it. Its not that my expectations were too high, but I was expecting the wrong things (and had a thoroughly bad taste in boys from the age of 15 to 17)

But then I met my boyfriend and he instantly became my best friend and I was shown what real romance is. Its not a tacky card and red roses once a year. Neither is it huge expensive gestures to show your superiority to other couples. I think romance is having the constant support that a good partner provides. He is always on my side and doesn't mind when I have a sulk (I'm quite good at that). He can always make me happy and that doesn't include expensive jewellery or cliched gifts. Its made up of laughs and cuddles and making pancakes. Romance is different to everyone, so I think the commercialisation of Valentine's day doesn't really do it justice.  So maybe instead of trying to be romantic once a year, make it a constant in your life through small meaningful gestures. 

What is a Capsule wardrobe? #capsulewardrobeseries

This may be a long post so grab a cup of tea, there is a bit of story time involved. This is the start of my, errr, I don't want to say 'journey', so this is my experiment shall we say with a capsule wardrobe.  

I was looking at my wardrobe and I didn't want to wear anything. (First world problem, I know) "They don't go", "That doesn't fit", and "Why did I buy that?!". Can anyone else relate? I even have a t-shirt that says 'I have nothing to wear', but enough is enough.
My history with fashion is similar to others I think, being an awkward teenager trying to find your style and not being able to afford the 'right' thing then slowly collecting things that were either the trend or sale items which I probably wouldn't have bought at full price. I kept buying more clothes every time I saw something pretty, thinking it would change my whole wardrobe and, of course, nothing ever did. I fell completely out of love with it, which is a little sad for someone who had obsessed about fashion for a long time. 

But then along came a new thought; I was with my boyfriend and we were joking that he always wears the same colour, but everything goes together. It makes life so much easier. It makes sense that even though he has fewer clothes than me, more thought is put in. 
He has a sort of capsule wardrobe by accident, which inspired me to make a similar change

I started to look for information and inspiration which firstly came in the form of The Anna Edit, one of my favourite Bloggers and Youtubers. I had seen some of her capsule wardrobe videos, so I watched them all! I love her style and I love her relaxed attitude to the capsule wardrobe concept. I would say shes my principle style inspiration, but before I took the major steps to change everything I wanted some more information.

I would definitely recommend the blog 'Unfancy'. It's like the bible for capsule wardrobes. Her descriptions are fantastic and incredibly informing. You need to read it whether you want to create a capsule wardrobe or not. 

From all these amazing ladies I concluded that a capsule wardrobe is a small and versatile wardrobe that you love. I think it will speed the whole dressing process up because hopefully most items will work together.

Keep an eye out for a post about my capsule wardrobe coming soon. 

A Fresh start.

Hello there, lets start again. My name is Brigid and I love to blog, but I almost fell out of love with it, because I had become so busy that I didn't give much thought to it. I had no inspiration and, therefore, wasn't making time for it.

 However, we can all have a fresh start. I want my blog to be fun and more personal, so people can enjoy reading or just looking at the pictures. My fresh start is beginning with a new look which has been created by my very talented boyfriend who has worked so hard, so hopefully it is easier on the eyes. He has really inspired me to try harder because I think we both believe that you get out what you put in. I have lots of things planned for this year, so I hope you stick around to see. I thought it be nice to share some things about myself, so we can get to know each other better. 

I am a 18 year law student.

I am also a bartender, hence why I get so busy, but I can make a good cocktail, if I do say so myself.

I have traveled to Australia and New Zealand. New Zealand reminded me a lot of Wales, to be honest, and I think everything in Australia wanted to kill me.

I reached grade 8 ballet which I am pretty proud of. I still love to dance, but my Pointe shoes are currently in a draw waiting...

My boyfriend said that I need to say I love cheese, because he gets to live with my addiction. Give me cheesy nachos and I'll be your best friend. 

Welcome to my jumper and jeans capsule wardrobe world with hints of lipstick and Disney. 
I post every Saturday and on special occasions.

What I'm wearing.
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