Glitter and Glamour.

Okay, lets get back into things and what a perfect way to return to blogging! Glitter! I have recently been talking with a company called Glamour by DKUK. Have you ever wondered where all these girls on social media get their fancy make up brushes, (Who doesn't want unicorn brushes?!) interesting beauty blenders and the new fad; 'Insta Smile'? I had a good look around the website and I love all the various products, they are mostly a fashion brand, but today I am talking about the accessories that they offer. 

With starting uni I did go through the necessary Freshers week and lived to tell the tail. Sleep was limited and the dancing was everything, so being able to wear glitter was fantastically fun! Me and my friends played around with where we would put it and what colours we would use. My personal favourite was the gold glitter on the top of my cheeks like a very extra highlighter. 
It is so easy to apply, I used a makeup brush to put it onto my face and I'll be honest it will stay all night. I thought that I took most of it off before went to bed because you should always remove your makeup before bed...but I did find glitter on my pillow in the morning so its staying power has good and less good points. 

I am going to be posting about this company again and again I the future so if you have any questions about the products or the ordering then please ask! The standard delivery is 2-4 days and you have 14 days to return items. I really hope that you have a look around!

Life Update.

I did it! I made it to the next stage of life that many people are currently beginning right now. I have been very quiet on my blog and social media because to be honest, as terrible as it sounds, I just haven't had the time. I went on a family week away which was perfect then I moved all my belongings to a different city and had to discover a million new things by myself. Suddenly I have to be an adult! Scary stuff. 

I am going to slowly get back into my blogging since I have settled into my new routine, so thank you so much for your patience! I'm actually excited for my new stage of life! 

What a lemon. #ZafulBlogSeries

I have shown a more formal side to Zaful on my blog, but now its time to get casual. Lets relax. Don't we all love a baggy t-shirt. Its so comfy, but fun so you may notice that the wording is a little faded because I have worn it so much whether its warm or old outside. My favourite look for this t-shirt is to tuck it in to high waisted jeans or skirt, because even though I like the baggy look I don't really want to look shapeless, so by tucking it in I can still have waist.

The colour is so vivid and lively that it really completes a plain old outfit!

Yellow sunshine in the cold.

This is just a little post at the moment because I'm on holiday but I will probably add to it at some point. Since being on holiday and having busy summer days I have been loving this simple midi body con dress. I really wasn't sure if it was for me because I have pretty wide hips  which is normal for a lot of girls but horizontal tight stripes could be terrible for me. I bought it anyway. I love slipping it on and being on way for the day.
But becauseven I live in England., I need a good raincoat. I got this one as a birthday present (that I asked for) from because I love yellow! I love standing out with this funky coat. Especially in the rain. The only problem is that it's not very warm so you've got to layer up underneath er but because of the cut it allows roomg for a good chunky knit. 

What are your favourite kinds of coats at this time of the year?

Dress/ Shoes are Primark / Coat.