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The Christmas tag.

We are so close to Christmas and I hope you're excited like I am. I wanted to do a Christmas tag that I read on one of my favourite blogs; Peach Perfect

When do you get excited about Christmas? 
Usually its pretty early, but this year I have been away at uni and in my job, (bartender) you can't get excited by the rude people at manic Christmas parties. So I got excited when I came home for the holidays.

Do you prefer giving or receiving presents? 
I'm a terrible person, but I love getting presents. However, I do also get really excited when I see people open presents because I love to see them smile. 

What is the worst Christmas gift you have ever received?
Mmmm let me think. I've never received anything terrible, but I've had a few toiletry sets that I never used.

Is your tree real or fake?
Its usually fake but we have a real one this year. 

What is your favourite Christmas/seasonal drink? 
On Christmas eve we get together and have cocktails which I love because everyone is so happy and excited. 

Where do you spend Christmas?
Always in our family home, everyone comes to us and we have a big feast. I spend boxing day at my Dad's house and have a second Christmas. You can imagine how stuffed I get. 

Where is a dream location you would like to visit during the Christmas season?
Its a bit boring but home is the only place I'd like to spend Christmas. But I'd love to visit some European cities during December. I think Spain would be amazing around Christmas because they are such a Catholic country. I love seeing other traditions. 

What is your favourite Christmas film? 
Has to be Elf. I think its heart warming and hilarious. 

I'd love to hear your answer to these questions. 

New Discovery; Raid footwear.

While scourering the internet for my new favourite winter boots I came across a shop on Asos called Raid which sparked my interest. First of all I found the gorgeous boots I had been picturing in my mind and second of all I wanted everything! I did restrain myself to a point, but i really wanted some red shoes with a low heel and low and behold there they were. Waiting for me.

I've  really wanted some shoes that I can wear on a night out but also in the day time hence the practical heel which I am in love with! Red in the colour of the season and perfect for Christmas so I really encourage you to add a bit of red into your lives. (Side note I got the most gorgeous red scarf recently that I wear none stop)
I know this is a bit of a boring look but I've been desperate to show these shoes in a casual light. And I've recently bought this H&M sparkly jumper which is so so festive and I will be wearing it on Christmas day with a redlip.
I love the idea of wearing blue instead of the normal festiv

Similar shoes. 

My new makeup; L'Oreal.

I haven't talked about beauty in ages, but recently I've bought new products that I want to talk about and I love watching those makeup videos on Instagram where the ladies are beautiful and talented so I've been desperate to do beauty post! Both my Rimmel foundation and concealer ran out at the same time which is useful because I like to have the same concealer as my foundation. 

I looked around my local boots and swatched a lot. My hand was covered in different foundations! My favourite foundation was the L'oreal True Match foundation, because of the consistency which suits my dry skin and the range of shades. I enjoyed being able to match my skin tone so well. The only problem is this shade is more my summer skin than my pale winter skin, but I always blend it down my neck to avoid the horrible foundation line, but its blenability (definitely not a word) is really good.
 The coverage is about medium and I would avoid layering it to avoid the 'cakey' look, however the concealer is not high coverage. Its slightly annoying because I really need the coverage, but this would be perfect for other people who only want a little helping hand.

I love the powder! As a blogger I used the Rimmel 'stay matte' which was all the range a few years ago so I loved branching out into other products. I would really recommend it as a change as its so smooth and has a lovely finish to keep the shine away.

And now my favourite purchase! This wasn't exactly necessary but I treated myself to this stunning red lipstick so I can be ready for the festive season. I was actually really impressed with its staying power even after eating. 

Have you bought anything recently for the winter time?